Anniversary calendar fans4roger 2021 …

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… 15 years of fans4roger

Yes…believe it or not, fans4roger is now celebrating its 15th Anniversary!!

It really is quite unbelievable how quickly the time has passed and what we have experienced in the 15 years since the fan clubs inception AND what is even more unbelievable, that Roger is still playing! Of course we cannot let this milestone pass us by without some kind of celebration to mark the occasion and so we have come up with an idea which we hope will appeal to everyone.

As some of you may already know, the Roger Federer Foundation will not be publishing a 2021 Roger Federer Calendar, which is when the idea literally fell into our laps to put together our very own fans4roger ‘Anniversary’ Calendar, which Roger’s management team very kindly gave us permission to do so.

All profits made from the sale of the calendar will be donated to the Roger Federer Foundation.

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