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  • 4 x Fan club magazine (seasonal publication dates)
  • Exclusive fan club articles “for members only” in the Membershop f4r
  • Offers in cooperation with the Roger Federer Foundation (f.e. RF-Cap/Visor, RF Office Articles or Roger Calendar)
  • Annual General Meeting in April
  • fans4roger Fanclub-Day, once a year (if possible with Roger)
  • Fan meeting in Switzerland three times a year
  • Exclusive ticket offer for Swiss Indoors Basel
  • Ticket offers for tournaments with Roger’s participation
  • Tickets Davis Cup if in Switzerland and with Roger
  • Watch the Grand Slam final and Davis Cup together with Roger’s participation
  • Possible receptions when Roger returns to Switzerland

As usual, members receive invitations to the various events by newsletter about one month in advance. Fan meetings are blue, the general meeting is red, the DavisCup is green.

Please make sure to observe the respective registration deadlines! You will save us a lot of work! And even more important: You will definitely be able to participate. Because it is possible that registrations after the closing date cannot be considered.

We also ask you to use the appropriate registration form where requested. This is the only way to guarantee that the registrations will arrive on time at the right person. Thank you very much for your help for a smooth process!

Invitations to the final show will be sent out as soon as it is clear that Roger is one of the finalists.

As you can see we have great ticket offers for you again. So it’s worth keeping your eyes open at the beginning of the year to get the tickets you want!

To be observed under all circumstances:

It is absolutely necessary that you order the tickets in the membershop fans4roger. Only then your order is valid and the corresponding debit of the tickets takes place in the background.

Look out! We cannot accept orders that arrive after the order deadline (by e-mail). The effort not only for us in the background – but also for the organizer from whom we get the tickets – is just too big. Thank you for your understanding.

Logged in members can find further information in the member zone under events. Changes/additions are possible at any time.

For questions about the activities please use the contact form Activities or send a mail to !

Now we wish you already a lot of fun with different events! We are very much looking forward to welcoming numerous fan club members!

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