This was the fans4roger fanclub.

The board of the fan club consists of the following persons:

  • THOMAS REUTELER | Finance and President
  • SILVIA JOCKEL | Internet, e-communication, merchandising, direct marketing
  • THOMAS KAUL | Major Events and Vice President
  • BETTINA MÜLLER | Back office and member administration
  • KARIN KRIEG | Fan club magazine
  • DORIS LÖFFEL | Fan club activities

This was our vision.

Fans We offer a platform for the exchange and coordination of all fan activities Support Roger Federer We support Roger Federer and his social and charitable commitment International We promote and support the establishment of further fan clubs worldwide Fairness We take Roger Federer as a role model and treat all contact groups with fairness and respect





This was our mission statement.

  • Goals
    • The fan and his interests are the focus of our club activities
    • We support the commitments of Roger Federer in social, charitable and sporting areas

    Roger Federer

    • We support Roger Federer as an athlete and respect his privacy


    • We recognize the sporting achievements of our competitors and convince through fair appearance and behavior

    Communication / Information

    • We inform the fans, Roger Federer, his partners, sponsors and the media openly, directly and up-to-date

    Board of Directors

    • The members of the Board of Management support each other across all departments in all matters to the best of their knowledge

    Vision, mission statement and statutes fans4roger (pdf)


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